The Best Alternative Healing Treatment for You

There are so many options in the world right now on how to heal and do it better, but sometimes the answer is right in front of you and you just never looked for it. Having never heard of Rolfing, cranio-sacral therapy, trigger point release, or sensory re-patterning before going to massage school, I am here to tell you that there is so much out there to offer your senses, that it may seem overwhelming but trying even just one of these might change your life.

A basic description of these techniques is what I am aiming at, but to tell you all of them might take a year so I am better off leaving you to research them on your own.

The first is Rolfing, a take off of massage but much deeper. Rolfing (from what I hear) used to be very painful years ago. It also depends on the practitioner. It can be done with a lighter intention. The massage is deep and goes to the bone but it is meant to structurally alight your body in the right way. People have pain sometimes because their posture is off, and this treatment usually done in 10 sessions, can totally realign your body, sometimes releasing pain that was there for years.

Cranio-sacral therapy is my personal favorite. It can induce such relaxation that you are in a dream-like state. This is much less pressure than a Rolfer; a cranio-sacral therapist uses as much pressure as a nickel and feels for any misalignment of the bones of the skull, and sacrum. It is a whole body therapy, and very emotional at times. This therapy goes very deep and with the slightest touch can bring memories and emotional releases, healing the body and soul. The practitioner feels for expansion and contraction of cranial fluid and follows the rhythm to where it goes in the body. People study for years and still learn new things about this new and exciting field that is a branch off osteopathy.

Trigger point release is a bit like acupressure as it can be a whole massage or included in one. A sensitive point on the body called a trigger point contracts when a person is stressed, tired or in pain and the therapist feels for this and notices a wiry feeling in the muscle. He/she holds down this point for 8-12 seconds and the point will usually dissipate. When your muscles are really tense, you might have more than one trigger point hiding in there so this therapy is very good to do when you know you are sore.

Sensory re-patterning also feels good and gets you to a deep relaxed state. Your body is gently rocked and shaken and memories might come up or you might just fall asleep. Either way, you are waking up and reintegrating your muscle memory and you will probably never feel so much like letting go…

Of course there are hundreds of more body techniques and if one doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it, you can always try another. If you are afraid at first, take a deep breath, enter into a calm mind frame and ask yourself what your body needs. If Osteopathy usually works for you do that. If you aren’t sure, you can keep trying until you get the right practitioner, because at least 50% of you liking the experience depends on that.